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What is ChowNow and Why You Will Love It

yummy barbeque

What is ChowNow? 
Chow Now is BBQ2U's exclusive ordering system. When you visit the web site and order online, you are entering the Chow Now system. This is the best way to order from BBQ2U:

Why Use ChowNow?
1. It helps us keep our pricing down - the big guys like DoorDash and UberEats charge us a large premium to participate in their networks. We love that all our fans enjoy those apps, and we do too, but it saves you and us both money if you order using Chow Now instead. We hope you will take a few minutes to register for Chow Now. If you need help, just bother one of our staff members - we are here to help! 

2. It's easy to use - just register when prompted and place your order! 

3. It saves you high delivery fees!  You pay under a dollar for delivery from Chow Now as compared to several dollars or more for other delivery services. Save time and money! 

Register to order your favorite barbecue eats on ChowNow today!