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Gary Parker is South Sound's Citizen of the Year May 2, 2024

Gary Parker, esteemed Pitmaster and owner of BBQ2U stands as a beacon of communal spirit and culinary excellence in Gig Harbor. Recently crowned South Sound's Citizen of the Year for 2024, Parker cultivates more than just a dining destination; it's a hub of goodwill and generosity in barbecue Gig Harbor. Seamlessly integrating the convivial essence of grilling into his thriving barbecue venture, BBQ2U isn't just about crafting mouthwatering barbecue; it's a platform for Parker to nourish his community and give back in myriad ways.

With BBQ2U, Parker extends the warmth of his grill to those in need through initiatives like providing meals for first responders and steadfast support for charitable organizations; his dedication to both the craft of barbecue and the well-being of his community has rightfully earned him acclaim as a standout citizen in the South Puget Sound region.

As the founder of BBQ2U, hailed as the pinnacle of barbecue in Gig Harbor, Parker's journey is one of passion, perseverance, and philanthropy. His tireless efforts to tantalize taste buds, uplift spirits, and support local causes make him a true gem in the community. Gary Parker embodies the spirit of giving and the artistry of barbecue, enriching the lives of those fortunate enough to call Gig Harbor home. We are truly blessed to have him in our neck of the woods.

Whether volunteering your time, sharing resources, supporting local businesses, engaging in community projects, or offering emotional support, together we tend the grill that feeds our society's heart and soul.

Contact BBQ2U to discover how you can help!

Senior Chili

a person sitting at a table in front of a store

At BBQ2U we are thrilled to help support our neighbors during the COVID 19 Crisis.

In any crisis, comfort food is our biggest craving…and what food is the most comfortable? Southern BBQ!

We’ve been sending local seniors who are shut-in a nice chili lunch. Special thanks to our partners the Greater Gig Harbor Foundation for helping make the deliveries.

BBQ has always been about community and working through the tough times…and we are honored to help our neighbors get through these tough times!

St. Anthony’s Hospital Staff Feed

a person standing in a parking lot

Those on the front-line of the crisis need top-of-the-line lunches.

At BBQ2U, we sent off smoky boxed lunches to our Doctors and Nurses at St. Anthony’s hospital that are fighting COVID 19! Our heroes need heroic rewards…and for that day, it came as pulled pork and brisket.

BBQ has traditionally been about community and helping people out in difficult times. And its in that spirit that BBQ2U is honored to help.