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At BBQ2U we cook authentic Central Texas-style barbecue. We only use  wood-fired pits and follow the methods that have  yielded great barbecue for over 100 years.

For some…BBQ is a treat. 

For others…BBQ is a nice diversion. 

For me…BBQ is life. When meats meet the flames, when smoke has its way and when seasonings do that sweet voodoo that they do… you have just left the world of mere ‘cooking.’  

That is BBQ. Texas BBQ. 

And all that sweet, smoky, savory, spicy flavor is served best from a tray on top of butcher paper. 

With Paper towels of course. 

While it may taste like Central Texas, it can be found in Central Gig Harbor or in the center of your dining room or party. 

My name is Gary Parker and I’ll be your pit master.

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