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Leadership Lessons From the Pit: Cheap Cuts


Leadership Lessons From the Pit: Cheap Cuts

This is my second post in my Leadership Lessons from the Pit Series. Today, we are going to look at the phenomenon of Cheap Cuts.

First, to clarify, I am not talking about haircuts. Spend the money, tip your person well…that lesson is free.

I am talking about the reality of the proteins behind BBQ. They were all the cheap cuts of meat. The cuts that the city's wealthy people would not want to eat.

For example, brisket comes from the lower section of the cow's chest. This includes the deep and superficial pectoral muscles. These muscles support the cow's standing weight and are full of connective tissue. This means the cut we call brisket is very tough. Therefore, the correct cooking process is required to become tender and moist. When someone asks me, 'why is my brisket so tough?' I know there are at least SEVEN ways to do it wrong and really only one way to do it right.

Yet when the people in the South were faced with protein that was tough, fatty, or close to impossible to eat, they didn't shy away. They embraced the challenge and created the greatest food category known to man.

They realized a longer cooking time would break down the connective tissue. Smoke will help the brisket retain its moisture. And resting will make a huge difference!

So, when you reflect on your life, can you reframe the tough situations you've survived and find ways to apply those lessons to help you thrive? Can you take being fired from a job to teach you how to improve? Can you look at a failing business and see where your fear kept you from making bolder choices? Can you see a passed-over promotion as being a gateway to better education?

See, if you can apply these lessons, you become undefeatable! When nothing can keep you from improving, the sky is the limit. Why? Because you stop being a victim and start being a victor.

Just like brisket. Centuries of progress made something inedible into the most incredible beef that can be served.

If you have any BBQ-related topics you want to challenge me into creating a life lesson, I am always up for a challenge. Let me know!