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How Poverty Created Culinary Perfection

BBQ originally was not for the high and mighty

 What you and I call BBQ, our ancestors called survival.

Barbecue is as varied as the people obsessing over temperature.  But what is always in common? BBQ uses cheap meats and parts of the animal that our rich ancestral neighbors would avoid.

Brisket, ribs, pork butt, yard bird (chicken) turkey and of course sausage are not rib eye, pork tenderloin or fillet mignon. So poor people did what poor people have done for millennia… they survived.

They took these ‘throw-away’ cuts and said ‘OH NO YOU DIDN’T’ and figured out how to make these unwanted pieces the most-wanted delicacies.

How did they do this? They marinated the pieces that didn’t have much internal flavor and then cooked the fattier pieces over low heat for a LONG time

Low and Slow…say it with me…Looooow and Slooooow

And they brought in the magic ingredient…smoke.

Smoking was originally a form of food preservation, but after time, the pink-rim and distinct flavor became an element that couldn’t be duplicated any other way.

The long period of cooking times would create both a natural marinade as well as a tenderizer.

Cheap, fatty, tough dry meat? No problem…no problem at all.

So now, smoking food is a hobby for middle-age men and food all people love to eat. But we must remember to tip our hat to the people who went before us. They bought the cuts of meat they could afford and just said…’ how do we make this good?’

Their resilience teaches all of us that life can throw us curveballs, but if we put our minds to the issue, we can make something beautiful out of our fight for survival.

 I’m not saying ALL of us will come up with something as perfect as brisket… but we can always try.

 Until next time…see you in the smoke.

Pit Master

Ain’t No Party Like a BBQ Party

Remember when entertaining friends was an easy, no-stress affair?

We don’t either. Now though, with the rise of all the cooking and entertaining shows, entertaining has become a two-edged sword. On the one hand, everyone is afraid that their guests are judging your party to the latest Instagram pictures they’ve seen. (Side note…Instagram should be called insta-sham…no one’s lives, and parties ever look THAT good. You’re welcome.)

On the other hand, as life gets busier, real demands like career and family get the best of our time and brain. Pesky kids, bosses, and significant others…

So, what does a person do that wants to throw a lovely evening and still avoid a straight-jacket and rubber walls?

I’m glad you asked.

Call BBQ2U and let us do all or some of the heavy lifting.

We offer two different options that open the doors to hundreds of options. I can either only provide the food, or we can cater the whole affair. Let’s look at the two options:


“Pick Up/Drop off” Catering is best for parties of any size. You choose the Meats, Sides, and Condiments (pickles, onions, jalapenos…etc) you want, and we take it from there. Whether you pick it up or have it dropped off, we have it all packaged and ready for you to serve.

We do the food, you do the rest. This way, you get to have the fun of the decorations and socialization while leaving the worry of the cooking to my team. You control the budget and choose the menu, and that sends my team to work.


“Full-Service” Catering is a more complete package. Again, you choose the Meats and the Sides while we provide all the fixins.  This includes the bread/buns, sauce, pickles/onions/jalapeños, plates, utensils, napkins, and serving utensils. We arrive approximately one to two hours before your scheduled serving time and set up your tables buffet style. We then assist your guests as needed, then pack up the leftovers. All containers are disposable for easy clean-up, so you’ll never even know we were there.

Some people who throw parties like to have the ‘professionals’ around to talk about the food options and some of the techniques used to create this magical food. We have found that BBQ techniques and spice conversations are great ice-breakers in an evening. Our team loves to be the smile that makes a party a success.

Currently, being post-holidays, our catering schedule is only moderately full. Call us now and let us start working on your next soiree.

Call Us.
Life is too busy not to have great parties. Sadly, life is too busy to do everything required for a great party yourself. This is why you need to text or call BBQ2U at 253-905-1269 and place your catering order.  Prefer email?